In 2003 I began working as a Correction Officer at a level five male institution in Bonne Terre, Missouri. In a place like that I depended upon my flashlight nearly every day to conduct searches in order to maintain the safety of our institution. My flashlight was the tool that was called upon constantly, only second to my handcuffs. The Mag series of flashlights are the most dependable and best tactical flashlight that I have ever used. Every flashlight is well and constructed with quality workmanship and amazing durability. Mine survived the day after day scuffles working in that environment entailed, water damage, countless weekend camping trips. Its size and weight made it convenient to carry right on my belt every day. The diamond cut grip allowed me to keep ahold of it even when I was wearing gloves. The ability to vary the light beam focus is a great feature to this tactical light that I used frequently. Ten years later, I still have it and that same flash light is still going! I have even heard stories of other’s having ran over their Mags and the flashlight still working.


My Mini MagLite became my trusty sidekick, helping me search and often find weapons and paraphernalia that posed a threat to the other inmates and staff at the prison. In October of 2005, our institution was under a lockdown. There had been a reports that inmates had hidden several weapons about the prison. My Mag and I were on the job and recovered a six inch homemade knife during the search of an inmate’s cell, possibly saving a life. I just want to take the time to say thank you Mag, for making the best tactical flashlights on the market. I bought a second Maglite for my car, and recommend you at every opportunity.



Precor EFX 52.5
This is a world class elliptical. It is very suitable since it prevent extra pressure on your joint. This is because it provides you with full, smooth and low impact strides. The machine also enables you acquire a complete body workout. This elliptical has an automatic ramp incline that is adjustable. This enables you to adjust it to the point that best fits you. This elegant machine also has adjustable stride lengths and twenty levels of resistance. These features make it very reliable and convenient for your exercise. Besides these it also has eight pre-programmed workouts. These features has enabled this machine have the best elliptical reviews. It occupies small space hence suitable even for home exercise.
Smooth agile DMT X2
The machine has adjustable stride lengths. This makes it suitable for different groups of people despite your height. This standard elliptical comes with exercise programs to guide you. The programs offers both tailor made and the current programs for you. This makes you be familiar to various training techniques for your body fitness. You can always rock while you knock off the flab using this machine. This is aided by its iPod docking device that is equipped with speakers. Its adjustable button is very convenient. This is because it responds by just a touch. The machine has also received more elliptical reviews because of its quality features.
Sole E 35
This spectacular elliptical has different programs. It has pre-set programs that provide you smart workouts. It also has other two programs that you set for yourself. This enables to do the type of exercise you wish. All these will provide you complete and smooth workout. They are also suitable for your body’s complete workout. These features make this machine very reliable and convenient for you. You can also adjust your stride lengths while doing the exercise. This is done by simply handlebars so that it can fit properly in your body. Just like other quality elliptical it also comes with a warranty on all its parts.

There are other standard elliptical like: Diamond back EF, Vision fitness and Pro-form front drive.